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As a Student of the Acadamy i know this course is well worth it! Therefore i encourage you to join the Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Acadamy as well. You can do that by clicking on our affiliate link. You wont pay more, but we do get a commission. 

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Kraken Cryptocurrency

Want to join Cryptocurrency? Kraken is a page i have been using for quite a while now. Kraken has proven very reliable in trading coins. But on top of that they now have a new feature. This is staking your coin. At the time of writing this it is possible to stake the XTZ (Tezos) Coin. Which means you will receive interest on the coins that you have staked. In the case of XTZ this is 6% on a yearly basis. They pay out twice a week. Which means if you have around 900 Tezos you will receive 1 more every week. And this 1 will start generating interest immediately as well. Below you can see an example of the kraken staking overview.

Other coins that can be staked in the near future at Kraken are Dash and Cosmos (ATOM). Could this be the moment to invest in them?

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Join Coinbase

Want to join Cryptocurrency? Coinbase is another place to store your coins. Coinbase is very user friendly. They use various funding methods. For the Netherlands they use Ideal for example, which means instant fund availability. 

Tezos (XTZ) can also be staked at coinbase. Dont forget to turn it on. When you did so you will see a live clock moving up with the interest that you will receive. Their interest rate is around 5.1%

Another feature of coinbase is that you can use vaults. Which is a protected second part of your wallet. You can store coins here that will take extra verification to take them out again. This is also a way to store coins for another purpose for example, to keep them separate from your main wallet.

The drawback of coinbase is that they calculate not a % fee like kraken, but a certain amount with every transaction. 

If you signup and start trading through my link, both of us we will get $10.- or ~€9.24,- in BTC payed out directly into your wallet. The moment when you traded $100,- or €92.40,- on Coinbase. Thats a 10% reward. The exact amount of Euro changes, since it is linked to the value of the Dollar compared to the Euro.

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