How to apply Coolermaster MasterGel Pro in a BTO Laptop

CoolerMaster MasterGel Pro

This cooling paste is a relatively inexpensive gel. I used the gel after having issues with editing my videos with Premiere Pro on my BTO Laptop. First i tried the IC Graphite Thermal Pad, because i wanted to see if i could apply something that would not wear out. However eventhough the temperatures improved from before, they did not improve enough. After installing the CoolerMaster MasterGel Pro however, the temperature of my CPU was drastically lowered in activity. 

Therefore i can recommend this cooling gel, since its not so expensive, easy to use and effective. In addition i made a video so that you can see how to apply it. Afterwards you will see that the CPU stays cooler in activity.


Specifications CoolerMaster MasterGel Pro

Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) = 8

Specific Gravity (g/cm³)(25ºC) = 2.6

Volume (mL) = 1.5

Net Weight (g) = 4

Scraper = Yes

Grease Cleaner = Yes

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